Monday, June 07, 2010

Hawthorn Shieldbug Acanthosoma haemorrhoidale

Idk.......this is a random one today. I totally did not plan this at all. But enjoy anyway. Once again Wikipedia provides. But I urge you to do extra research on these and any other entries past, present, and future cause Wikipedia isn't always reliable.

Especially for some reason when it comes to mantids.....*scratches head* why is that?

Any way just read this excerpt and the rest in the link provided and do extra research to confirm that what Wikipedia says is true.

I don't want to be providing false information. You know how embarrassing that is?

On with the info!

The hawthorn shield bug, Acanthosoma haemorrhoidale, is a common European Shield Bug. Its chief food is haws, the fruit of the hawthorn tree, but adults can overwinter on a diet of leaves, and individuals can be found on many potential food plants, including pedunculate oak, sessile oak and whitebeam.

They may grow up to 17 mm long, and are camouflaged in shades of green and brown. Like many so-called "stink bugs", they may release unpleasant odours when disturbed.

Rest of info here. Remember go do your research!!

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