Thursday, October 11, 2007

They Came!

*Jumps up and down like a boingy* My hermit crabs came today and I've got 4 and like the other ones that I had before these they have the same shell so that's the only thing I'm trying to work on in naming them.

What can I do to tell them apart without hurting them in any way? I was thinking of marking each shell with a different color mark with a permanent marker but I don't know if that would harm them in anyway and I don't want to risk it.

Any one have any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

The outside of the shell is not physically part of the crab. It's just his "house". I don't see why you can't make a few identifying lines or dots with marker or acrylic paint. I'd keep them small and discreet though, so your crabs still look natural.

Brittanie said...

Oh no I know what you mean by that. I was saying that they had the same kind of shell.