Thursday, October 04, 2007

Hermit Crabs And Books

Today I got the 2 insect books my mom ordered at the beginning of this week and the hermit crabs are coming tomorrow. I forgot what my mom told about why they didn't come but any way it gave my mom time to fix up the tank.

And the new pebbles are sooooo pretty! I also have a water dish and a plastic tree and a rock that I had since 1998 when I had my first hermit crab. That rock means the world to me because it has so much history behind it. Plus all the hermit crabs that I've had over the years crawled on it, pooped on it, moved it around, and sat on it.

So practically they're memories written all over it. My mom washed it of course. And the names of the 2 books that I got are:

Peterson's Field Guide to Eastern Butterflies
Peterson's Field Guide to Insects

And I have 1 more left that my mom will get for me. ♥

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