Saturday, September 01, 2007

Boxwood Leaftier - Galasa nigrinodis

Boxwood Leaftier - Galasa nigrinodis

Identification: The forewings are dull red with light gray borders partway along the leading edge; antemedial ( AM ) line is whitish and zigzagged; medial ( M ) line is inconspicuous; cost wavy forming two shallow concavities where the AM and the M lines begin. The subterminal line is composed of several longitudinal black streaks on the front legs with conspicuous dark tufts of hair at the joints.

Range: Eastern North America ( W00T! )

Seasonal: Adults fly from June to September

Food: Larvæ feed on the leaves of the boxwood ( Buxus spp. ).

And this moth has one of the strangest poses I've ever seen I couldn't tell where the wings started or where they ended! It's in the photo. Tell me if you've seen anything like that before. Go to bugguide to see more photos of the moth. This is where I got the photo from.

I just had to show this to you.....amazing!

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