Sunday, July 15, 2007

Wasp Mimicking Crane Flies?!

That's right you heard me "Wasp Mimicking Crane Flies". Just found out about them. So I decided to tell the whole world about them. Or at least what I know so far. If you don't know what crane flies are then try picture an over sized mosquito ( yeah yeah, I know "your worst nightmare" ). But just bare with me please. You got the pic in your mind? That's sort of what they look like. Only thing is that they're completely harmless.

The adults don't even eat at all during their short lives! Only thing is that when I told you about imagining an over sized mosquito I forgot to tell you one thing.....They exist!.... I know your worst nightmare is a reality. And yes they live in NA. If I go on you might want to track me down and kill me so I'll stop with the mosquitoes and continue with the harmless pretty crane flies k?

Alright so the ugly wasp thing in the pic above as you might call it is one of the wasp mimicking crane flies. Remember they're harmless they can't do nothing to you. All they do is fly around all day looking for mates to create the next generation of crane flies of their particular species.

How On Earth Do You Tell a ♀ from a ♂?

Same way you do with mosquitoes and most moths, you look at the antennae and if the antennae have "branches" on the sides that you can see very clearly then it's a male if not then it's a female. Not that you would stick around to find out anyway :P

Oh and the crane fly in the pic is a Ctenophora apicata. And it's harmless! And tomorrow I'll post some more stuff on these including a "sneak preview" of one of the "Elephant Mosquitoes" I mentioned earlier in the post. In the mean time, Night!

Hope I didn't give you nightmares......

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