Monday, July 16, 2007

Elephant Mosquitoes, Crane Flies, & Look Alikes


Elephant Mosquito - Toxorhynchites rutilus

Size: Wingspan circa 12 mm, body length circa 7 mm. Pretty bug for a mosquito huh?

Identification: Very large for a mosquito ( Yes we already know that ). The body is covered with shiny metallic blue scales. The proboscis is prominent and it curves upwards.

Range: Southeastern United States.

Food: Adults feed on nectar?! They feed on nectar?! *laughs* Yes they feed on nectar. The females don't suck blood so they're harmless. So when you see one you don't have to be can pick it won't bite you because no other species of mosquito in the USA looks like the Elephant Mosquito in the picture above right?....

......WRONG! *Laughs evilly* There is another one and they're bad really! I'm not joking they're literally the spawn of the devil!.......

BEWARE!......OF THE SPAWN OF THE DEVIL..................

Warning: The following contains information about the spawn of the devil.
Read it at your own risk..... You have been officially warned by me......Do what you think is right before it's too late......>:)

The Mosquito From Hell: Psorophora ciliata

Size: The wingspan is variable. 6-6.5 mm

Identification: Adult: Very large mosquito ( duh! ).

Food: Adults: Males and females feed on nectar. Females are said to seek blood meals from large mammals. Females bloodfeed day and night and are able to bite through heavy clothing.....Eeek!

Just like the female horse and deer flies! Yikes! Told you!

Sources: Bugguide

And about the crane flies: They are your friends!

Crane Fly: Ctenophora apicata

Apparently there isn't alot of information on this crane fly on Bugguide. All it lists on it are the colors and the range. I'll keep looking for you so expect and update in this post if I find anything on them. Perhaps YouTube?

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