Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Purple Sawfly Larvæ?!

Apparently so since this pic proves it! Sawflies which are a member of Hymenoptera have caterpillar like larvæ. The larvæ change into wasp like winged insects called Sawflies. The larvæ come in a variety of colors and patterns but I've never seen them in purple. It must've been something they ate because originally they're not purple. This is got me thinking "what did they eat to become purple" ( which is one of my favorite colors btw )?

And it also got me thinking "what will the adults look like?" Alot of questions are in my mind right now. Photo from Bugguide. I'm a member of Bugguide so if you see any comment on there with my name underneath you'll know it's me! =)


Ento Mike said...

When posting someone else's artwork, the *least* you could do is post a link back to the person that created the content you are copying... Mike Quinn

Brittanie said...

I'm doing that now.