Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sydney Funnel Web Spiders

Here is a pic of a male sydney funnel web spider for comparison on the Mouse spiders. Females are larger then males and lack oversized pedipalps.


Nicholodeon said...

Just blogging through. I found this blog on spiders to be fascinating. I made up languages when I was younger, one that used Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. Now that I am grown up I studied foreign languages and linguistics, working on my 29th language, Arabic.

Have fun spinning more info on spiders.

Brittanie said...


Thanks for the comment! I love Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics they rule! I have fun spinning info on all kinds of bugs! Which is why I started this blog. I love them to death so I thought why not blog about them?

Again thanks for the comment really appreciate it alot!