Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Lady Bugs!

These cute beetles are also known as lady bugs, lady birds, lady bird beetles, and in China they called them "God's little fatties!" ^^ Cute name. And they're not always red! And they don't always have spots! More on those later. And they also aren't always helpful either......

The one shown here is the infamous Multi colored Asian lady bug ( Harmonia Axyridis ) cute isn't?

Reason of being infamous:
Eats not only aphids and other plant distroying bugs but it also feeds on other lady bug larvæ ( this has happened in Britain wiping out some of the native species completely and decreasing the number of others )! And they come in a vary of different colors and patterns. Some mimicking other species of lady bugs.

And then they're some that are complete pest too ( more on those later ). This isn't the end you know!

Pics of different lady bugs:

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