Thursday, February 15, 2007

March Flies

Don't know why they're called "March" Flies but I do know that they're related to horse and dear flies all of which the females loooooooooove blood from warm blooded animals particulary horses, deer, and *gulps* humans!..... LOL! But seriously you don't want to get bitten by these or even experiance the begining of it.

I know because I've been almost "completely" bitten by these flies at camp. At the pool at dear flies are EVERYWHERE! and you have to keep dunking under water on certain days to avoid getting bitten. I got some more info on the March flies that live in Australia. But they're just as bad in any area. This is the site I got the picture from containing the Flower Feeding March Fly ( Scaptia auriflua ) from. The males feed on flower nectar ( note that this true for all species AFAIK ).

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