Sunday, December 22, 2013

Monarchs 2013

Danaus plexippus (Male) 10-15-13 3rd and last monarch of the season at the park by my house

As you know monarchs are declining year after year. This year I've only seen 3 and the year before I saw about maybe 20 give or take throughout the entire season (I wasn't able to get photos because these were almost always in flight like they were on a mission)!! This year I'm proud to say I've gotten pictures & videos of the blessed angels on 2 occasions.

The one pictured above was an absolute pleasure and honor to observe. I made a point of pointing it out to anyone who passed by while I was taking pictures (this is the best one out of maybe 10 attempts) of it feeding on the buddleia. It was a male. I hope it made it to Mexico okay.

Danaus plexippus (Female) 10-12-13 Bronx Zoo outside the restrooms

This one I had spotted in the treetops during my trip to the Bronx Zoo. What a pleasant surprise. I'm also happy to report that they FINALLY planted a nice patch of milkweed in the park by my house. Orange Milkweed (Asclepias tuberosa?) I hope it helps the monarchs that fly through here immensely.

The first one I had spotted I wasn't able to to get pictures of due to the lack of a camera (I had unfortunately lost my old one) and the fact that it flew by me so quickly it would've been impossible to do so any way. XD It came out of nowhere just as I was pondering whether or not I'd see any this year........coincidence? I don't think so.

That wouldn't be the first time butterflies (in general) popped up in ways that make me wonder........especially this year. Any way, as for the monarchs I'll do everything I can to support them and spread the awareness that they need our help badly. Including keeping track of them and seeing if I can get some milkweed for my own purposes.....we'll see.

Here's a video of the first one: Click!! (Facebook doesn't allow you embed videos anymore bummer)

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NickMorgan said...

I am glad that you saw Monarchs this year. Hopefully their numbers may pick up again in the future, particularly if people continue to plant Milkweed.
I was lucky enough to see Monarchs in the Canary Isles this summer. They are very graceful butterflies.