Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!!

Mystery Arctiid Moth If anyone know what this gorgeous angel is please feel free to drop by and tell me =) One of many lovelies I found during research binges.


First off to anyone reading this I wish you a splendid one and a wonderful New Year =) Secondly, long long time no see. I know I haven't posted on here often and I apologize. Life's a pain sometimes. XD I've been back and forth with so much it's amazing I haven't completely cracked under the stress and strain of it all. Idk  what's holding me all together (despite the fact that I've "broken" many times) but I'm extremely thankful for it.....whatever it maybe.

I think in part some of it has to do with my little friends. =) They have been wonderful this year. Once again they've outdone themselves. God bless you all =) So while I'm sitting here on this late/early Christmas morning/night (it's 2:27AM here) drinking hot cocoa and chai (most fave drinks in the world) I've been browsing the internet on various things and have come across some entomological Christmas carols that I'd like to share with you ^^

This is one of them:

Parcoblatta lata Wonderland
(to the tune of “Winter Wonderland”)
Roaches stink, are you smellin’?
Pheromones, they’re a-tellin’.
So succulent-sweet, what woodpeckers eat.
Parcoblatta lata wonderland.
Dr. Schal took a reading.
Found the compounds for breeding
By using some gas as roaches chased ass.
Parcoblatta lata wonderland.
Nuclear magnetic resonating
Let him know what turned a suitor on.
Then he synthesized a mix for baiting
And watched the males all falling for the con.
Now his sexy solution
Tells about evolution:
Viagra for some, for others it’s dumb.
Parcoblatta lata wonderland.
People say the lata’s a home-wrecker,
But the bugs are happy in the wood,
‘Til they’re chomped by red-cockaded pecker
Who wants a lata latte in the ‘hood.
Synthesized, it’s a winner.
“Go get laid, then be dinner!”
That pheromone blend helps avian friend.
Parcoblatta lata wonderland.
Parcoblatta lata wonderland.
“Cockroach Hookup Signal Could Benefit Endangered Wildlife”
NCSU Newsroom
This pure genius! Whoever comes up with these masterpieces deserves a medal or something. Now anyone know of any Lepidopteran ones? Should I find anything more throughout the day I'll happily post it.
If all goes well there maybe more then one post for today. ^^ I dare say such a thing is greatly needed IMO.  Me thinks a Google search is in order. 
Merry Christmas! 


Wong Chun Xing said...

Might also be a Crambidae.
Where was this found ?

Adel said...

Wow the I never knew that insects are this beautiful until I saw your blog, very nice!

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