Sunday, November 04, 2012

NHM Butterfly Exhibit Visit #6

Rothschildia lebeau.......♥ Male/female from the Saturniid mating fest they had that morning. I unfortunately didn't get to witness such epicness but the eggs were everywhere.......ɛïɜ

Finally went today (was worth the month long wait) and as always they outdo themselves. The Heliconiids are once again confusing the hell out of me but I think I've figured somethings out on them......not everything but I understand a bit more.......I think. XD

Helped staff to ID a Memphis sp. (Memphis eurypyle) and found out about some epic things to go see next time when I go see the spiders before they close........a Moth Gallery! As in a hall filled with nothing but paintings (and framed specimens I think too) of moths from all over the world.

I tried finding it on my way out but I was too late to do so since the museum was closing and I didn't want to be stuck in there (that's a lie yes I would XD) and friends and family would kill me. ^^;; But I learned alot and have even more to look forward to next time.

And they asked me volunteer again........♥ ɛïɜ

*Happy sigh* One day.......I hope to do so.......♥

New Additions:

1. Rothschildia lebeau
2. Troides rhadamanthus
3. Zebra Mosaic (Colobura dirce)
4. Small Owl (Opsiphanes sp.?)
5. Hypolimnas usambara
6. Parides photinus *Did research and am now wondering if Parides and Mimoides are in anyway related...they're too alike!
7. Pointed Leafwing (Anaea (Memphis) eurypyle)
8. African Emigrant
9. Consul sp.
10. Charaxes protoclea *Male and female The male landed on me ^^
11. Ornithoptera priamus euphorion *Held the most beautiful male specimen that had expired and had another male alight on my jacket arm briefly. 
12. Heliconius himera
13. Heliconius erato cyrbia x Heliconius himera hybrid *Possibly was ID'd by Chris Jiggens 
14. Charaxes jasius saturnus
15. Unidentified Clearwing
16. Caligo memnon

Will be posting more photos and videos. Must get to bed!! Nighty night!


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