Monday, October 15, 2012

Ichneumon Wasp (Pimpla sp.)

Pimpla sp. Photo from Bugguide......copyrighted to Tom Murray please don't sue. :P Link here for personal reference only. 

First off I want to say LONG TIME NO SEE!! I haven't been here in so long. Life's been crazy......but for the first time in a long long time I'm quite content atm sitting here blogging away about my lovelies listening to Lepidopteran Anthems (you know what I'm talking about ^^) and I haven't felt like this in quite a while so I'm happy.

Looking forward to being reunited with my Lepidopteran friends at you know where ASAP. And the spiders......I'll rant about those later. ^^

So anyway I found one of these lovely little wasps today on my terrace door window......shocking because it was soooo cold out today (Autumn is most definitely here people!!) and proceeded to take videos of course:

Was there for quite a while....went out came back and took this one (had gotten 2 vids, this was the better of the 2). So I wanted to see if I could ID it. These are very common here. I've seen these quite a bit along with  Ophion spp. & something that looks like Torymus spp. on steroids, all almost on my terrace windows or in the lobby window.

I wonder what they prey on? While trying to ID this to species I was forced more or less to simply leave it at Pimpla sp. because once again they're TOO MANY similar species. @_@ It could be:

Pimpla aegualis
Pimpla punicipes
Pimpla annulipes
Pimpla aquilona

or something that's not even within the guide yet. *Shoot me* Don't you just love it when they fuck with your mind? I know I do. I love the research. Perhaps one day I can narrow these down to species should I be blessed to buy micro day.......

Off I go to write more entries. Good Lord I have my work cut out for me....but there's so much to tell ^^ 

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