Sunday, October 30, 2011

Buggy Rant

I'm very disgusted beyond all reason now.

Cimex has for some reason been a bitch lately and it's something I don't understand at all. They were coming out like a bloody fucking "massacre"....only they were doing the "killing" so to speak and I don't understand why? What changed?

The only thing that's different is the weather. It's gotten colder....MUCH colder (yet most of the trees still have leaves and they're still green) and yesterday we got the first batch of snow of the year in October no less!

I have been freezing my ass off for a good while and you'd think that the fact it felt like 0 degrees the Evil Ones would retreat to find warmth in their little hidey holes or just drop dead from freezing.....literally.

Nope.......It's the complete opposite.

Instead of retreating they've come out even more to the point it actually made me want to burn my mattress. But since that's obviously not an option I did a whole lot of work today with them. This work led me to do something that I never really did in all my 19 years of loving bugs and the sort.......

They left me so creeped out I wound up shaking. Yeah they left my stomach in knots and "shivering". In other words I had your "typical reaction" to seeing bugs (in general).

Shocking......well I had found 2/12 brand new hidey holes that not even the sad excuse for "exterminators" housing puts out had found and the site was fucking disgusting as Hell. So after dealing with all this bullshit today (or rather yesterday now, Happy Halloween) I'm sitting here ranting to you about it "de-bugging".

In other more pleasant news (for me at least ^^):

I have been seeing alot of spiders this year. Idk why but most of them had been males, females, or various immature stages (spiderlings) of Cheiracanthium inclusum (or another Cheiracanthium or even Clubiona but I'm sticking with C. inclusum). The others are a complete mystery to me but they're beautiful! They remind me of mosaics or vases with the patterns they have.

Of course I'm thinking that at least the red and white ones I've seen might be immature House spiders but I have to do major research on this and get back to you. I don't know much on spiders so I have to learn and buy books.

Any recommendations? Drop me a line. Looking for books that deal species in the Eastern USA. Many thanks!

Now I must go contaminate my poor eyes with the pleasant happy beautiful images of Lepidoptera & do some more blog entries while I'm at it.

*Happy thoughts Happy thoughts Happy thoughts*


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