Saturday, March 20, 2010

Night Wasps Provespa anomala

"Remember kids to every rule there is an exception" - Me :P

So you remember when you'd go out for a picnic and wasps and bees would try and steal your food and drinks?

And you'd run away screaming? Yeah what time of day was that? Surly you wouldn't be going out for a picnic at night?

But if you were crazy enough to do so you wouldn't have to worry about evil waspies stealing your food right?

Right? WRONG!

Meet Provespa anomala it and all it's other relatives ( other Provepsa sp. ) are rule breakers of the rule that "All bees and wasps are diurnal".

Apparently they:

* Are attracted to lights
* Their nests resemble that of Vespa sp. nests
* Are obviously nocturnal :P
* Have fondness of plucking drowning insects from public toilets
* Live in Asia

Other then that not much is known on their biology unfortunately. But they are fascinating.

Info simplified from the VL.

You get more pics of them too.

Well as you can see the insect world is insane. Next you'll be telling me that there butterflies that fly at night! Oh wait....O_O

More on that some other time.....


Wong Chun Xing said...

Oh yeah, these guys are quite common in the Asian jungles at night. I live in Borneo so I have seen and photographed them several times. They are fairly common but I am not sure why there are not much photographs of these wasps in the Internet.

Brittanie said...

I think they're insanely fascinating. Idk why people don't post more photos. If I lived in Asia I would most certainly get tons of pictures.