Monday, February 08, 2010

Tree Nymph Idea malabarica

Strikingly beautiful as both larvae and adult. What I wouldn't give to have these in my house. Wikipedia has lots of info. I'm going to look into the genius more and see if they're are any other species worth looking into.

Of course if Idea malabarica isn't the only species in the genius. And I certainly hope not!

Given what Wikipedia says....I don't think so:

Their flight is slow, weak and fluttery. They glide a lot giving members of this genus the other name of Paperkite.

Often gliding above the tree canopy but every now and then moving lower down in forest openings. They are unpalatable like other members of the

Reading stuff like this about them gliding....I wonder what it's like to be a butterfly?......Just for 10 minutes I'd like to know.

But I'd like to know within the safety of my own house cause I don't want to be eaten! LOL!

I wonder what the caterpillar of this one looks like? Did some research and found that one. Also apparently all Idea sp. are more or less similar.

Interesting.......I wonder if they're more then what's mentioned on Wikipedia? *Goes a researching*

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