Sunday, October 04, 2009

A Joke

This is something one of the members of Arachnoboards had said when we were trying to figure out what kind of roaches were being nasty in a vid someone posted:

Close. Judging by the behavour, I'd say E. prostitutus. Commonly known as the sluts of the insect world, these sleazy creatures will spread their wings for anybody who has a piece of over-ripe banana or crumbled dog chow. Many insects enjoy red lights for heat, but these bugs of ill repute prefer to use them as a sign that they are open for business.

Common names include "Ho Bugs", "Winged skanks" and in higher-class roach colonies, "Entomological Escorts".
Easily identified by their call alone, you will often hear them stridulate "Hey Mister! You want some company?" and "Me love you long time!" Whenever you encounter them, you can be sure that a related species, E. pimpus, is nearby.


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