Wednesday, August 15, 2007


W00T! I've just hit the jack pot today and here's why:

All along I've known that daddy long legs weren't spiders but they were arachnids. So for quite a while I was wondering what were they then? And today I've found my answer via Arachnoboards > Google > Flickr Photo & comment! Daddy long legs belong to the family Opilionidae Or "False Spiders and I went searching for pics on Google and I've found some of the weirdest looking ones I've ever seen.

I hope that I see some of the weird ones in person someday. I'm really glad I found out about these because the post about these don't stop here. I reckon that they'll last a good while as I go chasing info on different species ( mainly the weird looking ones ) of opilionids. I'm so happy! Wheeeeeeeee! n_n Expect another post!

The one in the photo is one of the bizarre looking ones.

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