Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Wasp Or Moth? #2

You -> OMG! That's HUGE wasp get it away from me!

Me -> Ha ha ha ha! That's a moth! A Texas Wasp Moth ( Horama panthalon texana )!

You -> You sure? That looks like a freaking wasp to me!

Me - > Yeah, wasp have jointed anntena while moths have straight or feathery ones. Wasp don't have those. Moths have colored scales all over their bodies and on the wings and....

You - > ...wasp don't?

Me - > Yes! You got it.

The above would be a typical convo with my beloved mother! LOL! But every thing said above by me is true! Not that a person would stick around to find that out! Also:

* In the pic you can see the moth's proboscis wasp don't have them out in the open like that theirs is in between the mandibles if I'm not mistaken. And they look different too.

* Wasp have stingers and moths don't :P

* The wings of a wasp are always seethrough even though they're not always clear.

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